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What's Your Concern?

 Everyone's skin changes overtime requiring adjustments in regimen. Our chemical peels can be combined to address multiple skin problems from acne prone skin to aging concerns. Your chemical peel will be based on your skin care concern but also according to your skin tones The Fitzpatrick Scale score. 

Peel Types

  • Superficial or Light peels are the mildest type of chemical peel and can be used on all skin types. These mild peels remove only a small part of the epidermis or outer layer of skin and are most often used to improve the appearance of fine lines, mild scarring and minimal hyperpigmentation.

    Superficial peels should be repeated every 2-3 weeks. A series of 6-8 consecutive treatments are recommended for best results. After 6-8 consecutive treatments, peels may be repeated monthly to maintain results.

    • ​ Superficial peels: all Glycolic Acid peels, all AHA Vitamin C peels, Salicylic 10% peel and TCA 10%.       

  • Medium-depth skin peels penetrate further than superficial peels to remove the epidermis and some of the dermis, or underlying middle layer of skin. Medium peels are used to clear pores, reduce wrinkles, blemishes, hyperpigmentation, sun damage. Medium strength peels cause excessive pinkness for two to three and may not completely fade away until the skin has fully healed. New skin should appear within the first two weeks after treatment.

    • Medium peels : Fusion, Jessner, Salicylic 20% and TCA 20%  

  • Deep skin peels cause a second-degree burn to the skin penetrating all the way to the subcutaneous, or third and deepest, layer of skin. They are used to treat melasma, deep wrinkles, scarring, sun damage. The skin may remain extremely red for weeks and up to 2 months. Full recovery can take several months. Petroleum jelly or another ointment may be applied after a deep peel to protect the skin. Deep peels are not done on darker skin types because they tend to bleach the skin (hypopigmentation).

  • TCA is the ingredient of choice for most deep peels, but the Jessner solution can be applied in layers to effect a deep peel.

    • Deep peels: TCA 30%, Salicylic 30% and Jessner (if layered).

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